Ago 18

R4-P17 patch

Patches available for worldwide.

Now, all the patches of R4-P17 can be sent anywhere in the world.
The pack includes: Patch + R4-P17 brick figure + R2 Builders Club Trading Topps Card (R4-P17)
For fans of R4-P17, this Pack includes:
1u. R4-P17 patch
1u. R4-P17 Brick Figure – (Free)
1u. R4-P17 Trading Cards Topps (R2 Builders Club) – (Free)
Pack price is 8,4€ plus postage worldwide. Please, email for details & postage costs.

About the Author:

Programmer & Proud member of the R2-D2 Builders Club


  1. Langston Brown

    I am interested in patch , brick figure, and card.

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