Mar 15

Droid Depot’s first customized R4-P17 comes to Star Wars®: Galaxy’s Edge

Bonnie Beck at Mubo’s Droid Builders Club, creates the first R4-P17 and both had a great day in Star Wars®: Galaxy’s Edge.

Mubo’s Droid Builders Club is a fans group of Astromech Droids. Dozens of members gather every weekend to go to the Star Wars®: Galaxy’s Edge park and bring a multitude of custom droids from the famous Droid Depot store.

Dozens of BB-8s and R2, R3 and R4 units are customized by these tuning geniuses, bringing new models to life every week, creating new names and new color schemes for this littles and amazing droids.

Among all these geniuses there is the young Bonnie Beck. She is a great creator of custom droids from Droid Depot. and thanks to her, we were honored to get the first R4-P17 customized at Star Wars®: Galaxy’s Edge.

Created by Bonnie and taking R4-P17 as a reference, she made a spectacular job, and she sent pics and videos of the great day they spent together in Star Wars®: Galaxy’s Edge. MiniR4-P17 is here!.

Pics & video by: Bonnie Beck


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